Consultation and Brief

  • Hillersdon House Devon by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

This will be Tom’s first site meeting with the client and follows with the creation of terms and conditions relevant to the project, composition and approval of brief. The proposal that is created has a fixed fee for the Design Concept.

Contract Surveyor

  • Country House Sussex by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

Essential to allow Tom to take into account any existing structures, utilities, services, trees/plants, level changes etc that may alter the design if not accurately recorded. This stage includes us sourcing the surveyor, return to site with survey, a site analysis and preparation of the survey plan to be used for concept design. Tom’s proposal does not include cost of survey (this is invoiced to you directly by the surveyor).

Design Concept

  • Concept Design by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

Tom will arrange a presentation to give you a visual understanding of how the finished project will look.  An A3 presentation with mood boards is created, along with appropriate visuals to illustrate Tom’s ideas such as models, sketches, photographs, 3D visuals and hand drawn perspectives. Tom can then answer any questions you have as well as discuss revisions to the concept. You may want Tom’s team to process any relevant planning applications on your behalf after this stage.

Master Plan

  • Master Plan by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

This stage includes a fully scaled Masterplan, construction details, sections and elevations specifying all hard landscaping materials that are to be used. Also includes lighting and irrigation plans if required. These drawings are necessary both to acquire accurate quotations from contractors and to enable the contractors to build the project to a high standard. A full specification document and Bill of Quantities will be drawn up that will clarify all aspects of the build and will include material, size, finish of materials etc. You will receive copies of the drawings.

Planting Plan

  • Planting Plan by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

Tom will produce accurate planting plans showing existing and proposed plants. He will arrange a presentation to give you a visual understanding of how the soft landscape will look. Tom can use the feedback you give to make revisions to the planting plan if required. Once the design is finalised, you will receive a breakdown of plants with quantities and costs for your approval. Tom sources the best quality plants possible and his team will place orders with various nurseries, ensure delivery is prompt and that someone is on site to unload the plants. Tom will arrive on site to set the plants out correctly with the contractors.

Tendering Process

  • Construction by Thomas Hoblyn Suffolk Garden Design

Estimates will be sought for the project with up to three contractors being asked to tender. All contractors will receive copies of the drawings, the Bill of Quantities and the specification document. They may need a site visit, which Tom’s team can arrange. Each of the quotations received  will then be analysed and you will have assistance with selecting a contractor that would be most suitable for your individual requirements. Once chosen, you will enter into a contract directly with the contractor to construct your garden as we have designed it.

  • Planning

    Tom’s drawings are often sufficient for the purpose of planning applications although assistance with any additional requirements is available e.g. more detailed drawings, liaising with planning officers, completion of forms, etc.

  • Post project consultation

    Once the project is complete, Tom can make additional yearly or twice-yearly site visits to check and offer advice on your garden and its establishment.

  • Contractor maintenance plan

    Depending on the contractor selected for the project, Tom can organise for your garden to be maintained by them for a set time (minimum term is usually six months), ensuring the establishment of the plants and maintenance of hard landscape or water features are taken care of.

  • Project inspection and contract administration

    Tom and his team can offer a project inspection service with regular site visits to oversee the construction of the project. The regularity and duration of visits depends on the size and complexity of your project so we tailor this service to suit. Tom may recommend site visits throughout the entire construction phase or for larger scale projects, regular fortnightly visits with detailed minutes produced for each.
Tom’s project manager can also administer a formal JCLI contract, which protects the client and contractor and covers an agreed programme of work, payment terms, regular valuations of work completed at each stage, variations to the project that affect the agreed total sum, etc. Tom can provide a quotation for this based on what we would recommend for your project.

  • Outsourcing

    Many projects require additional professional expertise and Tom’s show garden experience ensures the very best in the business: Andrew Ewing is an absolute genius.

    Peter Harket is an ideal on-site Project Manager for all distant projects. He manages the build of two show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show each year and can handle any eventuality.

    Keith Horn Architects, Cowper Griffith Architects and Mike Tuck Studio will often assist in the more complex of building projects – notably temples, summer houses and even an outdoor gym.

  • Bespoke service

    Tom works with clients from the beginning of their landscape scheme right through to the completion of the construction and planting. He sometimes works on just one particular aspect of the scheme e.g. the design of the planting, visiting nurseries with clients along with sourcing the best quality perennials, trees and shrubs at competitive prices.