How we work
How we work

The design process can take on many forms, as no two projects are the same. Initial conversations normally centre on what the client actually wants, how much they are comfortable in spending and the calibre of the project. It also gives us a chance to see whether we are the right fit for the project.

The first visit is probably the most important of the all as first impressions are the key foundations to a successful design. In depth conversations help refine thoughts and ambitions into what will become the brief.

Tom will then put forward a proposal outlining a suggested design process based on the brief. Examples of the stages are included to help clarify our intentions along with past project examples of a similar level.

The Concept Design is usually the first stage, and once fees are agreed for this, the design process would begin. Detailed analysis of the site, soil, climate, history etc. not only inform the concept, they help refine the brief.

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Once signed off, we start work on the Developed Design that then leads onto the Technical Design. These stages allow the project to be quantified and prepared for tender if required.

We oversee the Construction stage, whether on an informal arrangement or in the capacity as contract administrators. This is to ensure the design standards and budgets are adhered to on behalf of the client. This would normally include the placement of plants.

After which there is a handover of the project with the offer of regular visits to help the garden establish and evolve into something beautiful.

This is only a general guide as we tailor each project to suit. We are not the most expensive designers in the business, nor the cheapest; Tom and his team like to work on interesting projects where there is a harmonious relationship throughout the process resulting in gardens that we all can be proud of.