Backwater, Norfolk Broads

A contemporary eco-home designed by Platform 5 Architects in a secluded lagoon on the Norfolk Broads. The house sits above the waterline but most of the planting beds are in contact with water; ranging from slightly moist to permanently waterlogged. Just as the architecture refers to the nearby boat houses, I took my lead for the garden’ planting design from the surrounding habitat, opting for more ornamental versions of the species that can be seen from the house.

For example, the filigree alder ‘Imperialis’ instead of the common alder and Iris sibirica instead of our native flag; the idea being that, though still quite show, the scheme is still harmonious with its surroundings. We are very pleased to say that the house was a RIBA East Awards winner and was shortlisted for The Sunday Times British Homes Small House of the Year Award, the RICS Residential Award and received an Honourable Mention in the GAGA Awards.


May 20, 2017


Garden Architecture, Garden Design, style, Suffolk